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look within

Look closely at yourself. We have all the power we could have ever imagined right here within us. But like layers of dirt covering a bulb, we too have lost, or forgotten our real light.

Do not underestimate yourself.

Until we don’t realize our true self, all other things we do in life is just a waste of time.

Know Thyself. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Why am I existing?

So simple, yet no one ever thinks about it. we will live our entire life, and eventually die one day… how can these questions not arise?


Life Oriented

My typical day involves little house chores, and then I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want to. If time were to actually be money…  I would be the richest person on earth.

In todays world, you only get education in order to get a job, and you only work for more money. I understand the importance of money in life and I have deep sympathy for all those people working truly hard to meet ends meet and fulfill basic life requirements. But what if survival is not an issue anymore. What if you have enough and you’re satisfied?

People ask me why I don’t work… well, I don’t need more money. I don’tt correct. Because I still don’tt stagnant even though im at home. Then whats the use of your education if you’re not going to help sick ppl? people are always ready to give unwanted advice. if u don’t want money then u can still volunteer and help people. social service..  what are you going to do at home all your life… blah blah blah…

If I already have money, I don’t see the reason why I need to progress in that area, trying to double what I already have. God already gave me money so that I can skip that and move to the other areas of life. Because earning a livelihood is only a small part of this life. we start and finish our lives in that area, and unfortunately never explore any other area of life. what a pity for human beings. we have so much potential.

I wish to live my life in a different way. I don’t want my ‘morning to night’ to be bread oriented. why don’t we ever think ‘life-oriented’? what matters in life? how much time did we give for that?